Where will HAL trees be planted?

H.A.L. Trees are planted across Canada, United States and Mexico in areas that conserve existing forests, and restore damaged forests due to deforestation. Our trees are also planted in cities across North America, this urban forestry initiative works to increase the planting, care and protection of trees in urban and suburban environments.


Can I select an area for my tree to be planted?

As this time we leave it to the professionals because the right tree, planted in the right place increase the many benefits trees provide for people, wildlife and our climate.


Who is planting the trees?

We have partnered with both American Forests and the Canadian Institute of Forestry to support their initiative to increase the amount of trees planted within all of North America. All H.A.L. trees are planted by these two organizations.


Are the trees planted for commercial use? Will they be cut down?

No, none of the trees are planted or will be cut-down for commercial use, they are only planted to restore damaged forests or add more green living space within cities.


Do you offer tree planting in urban areas or school campuses?

Yes, our urban forestry initiative works to increase the planting, care and protection of trees in urban and suburban environments. This may include school campuses depending on where trees are needed the most.


Are the trees planted by professionals?

Our trees are planted in both forests and urban areas by trained planters who are hired by American Forests and The Canadian Institute of Forestry. The Career Pathways Initiative focuses on increasing the amount of available urban forestry careers in areas that need trees and jobs the most.


I want to send out multiple H.A.L. Tree cards to different recipients, how do I do this?

Currently our website is designed to send one card to one recipient at a time – with the card, you may plant as many trees as you would like for this one recipient. You must fill out the card with one email address for your recipient and complete your checkout before adding another card to your cart for a different recipient.


Can I plant more than one tree for one recipient?

Yes, you can plant as many trees as you would like for one recipient. The amount of trees you have planted for them will be highlighted in their e-gift card they will receive via email.


Do you offer a shipping service to ship a tree?

No, our goal is to keep our carbon footprint and paper consumption as low as possible. Everything that is purchased or sent to our customers is through email.


Why plant a tree for someone as a gift?

Tree planting is a sustainable, everlasting, environmentally-friendly and cost-conscious way to let someone special in your life know that you are thinking of them and grateful to have them in your universe.


Are any plaques placed at the planting site?

No, we do not offer this type of service. However, if you are interested in where your tree has been planted we are able to share this information about active planting sites with you every 6 months. Please email us at info@haltrees.com


Can I visit the tree planting sites?

If you are interested in knowing what area your tree has been planted, we can provide you with a report of active planting sites 6 months after purchasing your tree. Please email us at info@haltrees.com


We are a business working to grow our sustainability initiatives – can we partner with H.A.L. Trees?

Yes, we do provide package planting rates for larger orders and would be thrilled to work with small businesses on their sustainability initiatives. We also offer group package rates with a customized note that can be sent as wedding gifts, corporate gifts, etc.


I just got married and would like to send 150 trees with a note to everyone who attended, how can I do that?

Yes, we will send a beautiful customized e-gift card and plant a tree for each of your guests. All we require is your guest’s email addresses which will not be used for any marketing purposes. Please contact us at info@haltrees.com for additional information and rates.


Can I specify what type of tree I want planted?

No, we also leave this up to the professionals. The right tree, planted in the right place has many different benefits for people, wildlife and our climate.


When will my tree be planted?

We provide reports to both planting companies quarterly, your tree will be planted within the following 6 months.


How long does it take for my gift to be received by my recipient?

Once you complete your order on our website, your e-gift card will be sent to the recipients inbox within 15 minutes.


What does the gift entail?

The gift you are sending to your recipient will include 1 or more trees planted (specified by you), a customized personal note, and an image if they would like to share their gift on social media.


What does H.A.L. stand for?

Originally named Honouring A Life, it began as a service our Dad had set up in his independent funeral home. Dad wanted to make it possible for people to plant a tree in honour of the deceased and pay tribute to their life. The idea was popular in the funeral home. It was a sustainable and affordable alternative to sending flowers, especially if the giver couldn’t attend the service in person. Then in late 2017, our beloved Dad died very suddenly. When Dad was alive, we were always talking about how to make our small family business more user-friendly and expand it beyond the funeral industry. So here we are: Honouring our Dad and his legacy by bringing you a sustainable and universal way to reach the people who are important to you, marking the big moments in their lives with an affordable gift that serves the planet.